As the Dub der guten Hoffnung sound system is hand build with great care and a thoughtful selection of components, be sure the music we release is Sound System prooved and will hit heavy in every aspect. We do everything in a DIY style, be it the label or be it trough involvement in production, mixing, dubbing, organizing sessions, or building boxes or other equipment .

The label is operated by Darkwing Dub, who is a cultural activist, producer, selecta, sound system builder and is working as a graphic designer with various Labels like Lion’s Den, Black Redemption and Woodland Records. Huge thanks is going to all friends and family, the label could not exist without the support from you. Special bigups to my breddrins King Kri, Joyful Lion, Don Oscar, Dubbing Sun, Ras Lion, Matt Woodland Rec, Bukkha, Gnischrew, Simon/off…. to name a few