Truth and Vibes is a label, a studio, and deeply involved in Dub der guten Hoffnung Sound System, situated in Graz Austria. The label has the aim to promote conscious Sound System music in various styles from Roots to Dub to Steppas, working with a network of artists around the world, many based on long lasting friendships. The music will be available on high quality vinyl and digital via bandcamp.


Repatriation E.P. produced by Bukkha[TAV002]

12” 180g heavyweight vinyl / 45RPM / 4 Track EP

A1 // GALAS – Repatriation
A2 // VALE – Jah Horns
B1 // JOYFUL LION – Jah Praise
B2 // BUKKHA – Dub Praise

The Truth and Vibes label is back with its highly anticipated second vinyl release, and this time, we’re pulling out all the stops to bring you a diverse lineup of both fresh faces and familiar talents who have already graced our previous release. Our journey begins with the talented producer and our good friend, Bukkha, hailing from Spain. A notable figure on the dub scene, Bukkha has been invited to play at Dub der guten Hoffnung in Graz already twice, solidifying our productive creative relationship. The genesis of this release traces back to a track known as “Jah Praise”, which we’ve cherished as a dubplate for many years. As the years rolled on, an exciting development took place when our brethren, Joyful Lion, contributed a mesmerizing saxophone performance. It was at this moment that we knew this track deserved to see the light of day as a full release. The creative journey didn’t stop there. We embarked on a quest to infuse this already captivating tune with even more depth and soul. Enter the remarkable singer Galas, who lent his powerful voice to the project, introduc- ing a theme of “Repatriation” that resonated deeply with our vibes. But we weren’t finished yet. To complement the rich lyrics, we sought the talents of our friend Vale from Berlin, known for his exceptional horn skills. The harmonious melodies he crafted were so captivating that we couldn’t resist asking him to contribute some solo sections, resulting in a full horns version of the track. With all the pieces falling into place, we entrusted the track to Matt from Pressure Mastering, who added the final touches to bring out its true essence. As always, we’ve teamed up with Austro Vinyl, nestled in the green heart of Austria, to deliver a high-quality pressing on heavy 180g vinyl. The release comes adorned with full cover artwork, ensuring that the visual experience matches the sonic journey.

Africa Rise E.P. [TAV001]

A1 // Black Omolo – Africa Rise
A2 // Joyful Lion – African Sax
A3 // Darkwing Dub – African Dub
B1 // Dubbing Sun feat. Black Omolo & Mowty Mahlyka – Africa Rise
B2 // Dubbing Sun feat. Joyful Lion & Piya Zawa – African Vibes
B3 // Don Oscar feat. Felix Martl – African Wind

The story of this release began in 2016 when the Portuguese DJ and singer group Real Rockers were invited to play on our sound system at our regular session called Dub der guten Hoffnung. Louie Melody singjay of the group and superb multi-instrumentalist left us with several drum recordings to collaborate on. Don Oscar used one of these drum recordings and produced a tune with Joyful Lion on saxophone. The project stayed in the drawer for a while until we decided to continue working on it, as we saw a lot of potential in the material and wanted to make it a vinyl release. So we got in contact with the Kenyan singer Black Omolo and asked her to record a vocal track, which turned out to be pure lyrical fire, lifting up motherland Africa and chanting down Babylon. In order to help the vocal to its full potential, we linked Vale to support the vocal with his trumpet skills in a question and answer scheme. Soon the bassline got a great reinterpretation by Tricky and everything was sent again to Louie, to record guitars, organ and some percussion instruments.
Over the summer of 2020, Darkwing Dub arranged, mixed, dubbed the song in his Studio and also created his own dub version. During this time our friends Dubbing Sun started to work on a remix. It eventually developed into a very independent project. Large parts of Black Omolos vocal track were replaced by Mowty Mahlyka, taking the theme forward. For the instrumental version Joyful Lion on saxophone and Piya Zawa on flute joined forces for a meeting of uplifting melodies. In the end, Don Oscar produced his own dub version of the original track featuring the skillfull multi instrumentalist Felix Martl on the clarinet.

King Shiloh playing Truth and Vibes 001

Dandelion Soundsystem playing Truth and Vibes 001


As the Dub der guten Hoffnung sound system is hand build with great care and a thoughtful selection of components, be sure the music we release is Sound System prooved and will hit heavy in every aspect. We do everything in a DIY style, be it the label or be it trough involvement in production, mixing, dubbing, organizing sessions, or building boxes or other equipment .

The label is operated by Darkwing Dub, who is a cultural activist, producer, selecta, sound system builder and is working as a graphic designer with various Labels like Lion’s Den, Black Redemption and Woodland Records. Huge thanks is going to all friends and family, the label could not exist without the support from you. Special bigups to my breddrins King Kri, Joyful Lion, Don Oscar, Dubbing Sun, Ras Lion, Matt Woodland Rec, Bukkha, Gnischrew, Simon/off…. to name a few


A small studio is always ready to operate, be it for recording purposes, production, mixing or for dubbing the music in its original way, with various analog and digital equipment.